“Jimi-Q Express Biometric Fingerprinting Delivering Results” 



Jimi-Q serves the central Illinois area, home based in Urbana, ILJimi-Q always strive to offer the superior customer experience, a tremendous value in Today’s World of “More to do with less time to do it in”. Accommodating the customer is the number one business goal at Jimi-Q its defined and judged by satisfaction.

“Customer Are Everything to Jimi-Q”

Jim Johnson, owner-operator has spent over thirty years managing major distribution facilities that employ hundreds of people while servicing thousands of customers each day. Jim has spent a life time of work years overseeing these facilities, focusing on security, hiring, interviewing, safety, customer service, etc… Jim Johnson, understands the meaning of “Delivering What’s Promised and Protecting Assets”.  

“Exceeding Your Expectations Will Always Be the Number One Priority at Jimi-Q”

To reach us call the phone number listed below or use the contact us tab located above. Your response will be A.S.A.P.

“Your Business is Valuable”