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A final look that validates Who is Who!!

Jimi-Q FingerPrinting, a mobile Biometric Live Scan FingerPrint Vendor, offering comforting flexible hours within Champaign-Urbana and surrounding areas.

Jimi-Q, The only true mobile fingerprinting service in the area- owned and operated by a long- term resident of Champaign-Urbana. 

Jimi-Q, serve the needs of the one and the many. Working best when conditions are challenging and stressful. "When a good day is in sight call - Reschedule when a bad one is at hand. There are no penalties. 

Jimi-Q, operates during regular and non-regular business hours. Weekends are included with a smile for all. 

Jimi-Q, approved by the State of Illinois and Illinois State Police (ISP) as a fingerprint vendor in good standings.

Jimi-Q, use Biometric Live Scan Fingerprinting technology. Biometric technology provides fast and accurate flows of information at a push of a key. 

Live Scan Technology, widely used among criminal and non-criminal justice agencies that rely on fingerprints from the State of Illinois and/or FBI for a more detailed background check on any individual. Live scan submissions are submitted same day; results accessible within 48 hours by inquirer.      

Owner-Operator: James Johnson dba Jimi-Q FingerPrinting Vendor License Number: 249.000376

Please refer to the IDFPR website for a more detailed list of professions requiring finger printing. Below are just a few:

Medical Marijuana: Cannabis Patients, Caregiver & Dispensing Agents 

2" ID Photos and Application Review available on site  

Locksmiths & Security Personnel: Private Alarm & Security Contractors

Medical: Physicians, Nurses Chiropractor, etc...

Education: State, Private & Non-Private Schools: Teachers & Bus Drivers School Employees & Volunteers 

Conceal Gun Carry: Instructors and Non-Instructors 

Government Service Providers & Others: Federal/State/Local/City/Village

Vehicle Services: Dealer License Charter Bus Driver 

Miscellaneous: Banking, Liquor Operations, Racing & Gaming, UCIA 

Uniform Conviction Information Act 

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Jimi-Q FingerPrinting

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